Accouchement HypnoNaissance
Accouchement HypnoNaissance  

Natural, comfortable and easy birthing

In the Western World we are told for generations that childbirth is painful and most women are accustomed to this idea. Childbirth has become a medical process.*

Birth is the normal outcome of pregnancy, a natural, normal and healthy human experience. Women’s bodies are created to conceive, nurture the development of babies, and to birth.

In the absence of special circumstances, healthy women and their healthy babies deserve to be attended in a nurturing manner consistent with the status of their health.

Families wishing to experience natural, unmedicated birth should be supported in their decision, and be allowed that birth unfolds naturally in its own time, without undue chemical, chronological or emotional manipulation.


*The HypnoBirthing® does not replace the medical follow-up by health professionals!