Accouchement HypnoNaissance
Accouchement HypnoNaissance  

The Advantages of HypnoBirthing

Methods of relaxation, breathing, autosuggestion, visualization and some physical exercises prepare the body and the mind of the mother-to-be; she will be able to have an easy, comfortable, fully conscious and joyful birth, most of the time without pain.*

The mother and the baby are confident that their bodies and nature know exactly what they need to do.

HypnoBirthing is a way to have a natural, secure, healthy birth without unneeded drugs

There will be no side effects from the epidural and drugs

It shortens the time of labor

Less fatigue

Less premature birthing

Less underweight babies at birth

It eliminates almost completely the postnatal discomfort and the "baby blues"

No risks of hyperventilation for the mother, caused by rapid breaths

When the family link was already firmly woven during the pregnancy, the babies are much happier and more social,

HypnoBirthing parents say their babies hardly cry  

HypnoBirthing babies are quiet and particularly alert

Instead of being a mere spectator, the father has an important role to play during pregnancy and birth

The future mother feels confident and safe, because she is supported and encouraged by the father, the birth companion

A very strong bond develops between the mother, the baby and the father before, during and after the birth

Dr. David Chamberlain researcher in birth trauma said in his book "Babies remember birth", that babies take actively part in their own birth and remember the experience.

The birth is experienced in connivance with the baby

A quiet, joyous birth will deeply and positively imprint the subconscious mind of the baby and will influence his whole life

If the baby has been nurtured during the prenatal period with the love of his mother, his father and his entourage, he will have a feeling of being welcomed, and will be confident to face the outside world.  He will manifest throughout his future life all the qualities he has learned from his mother before birth.

*HypnoBirthing does not replace the follow-up of medical health professionals

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