Accouchement HypnoNaissance
Accouchement HypnoNaissance  

HypnoBirthing lessons for parents

You will learn how your muscles work in perfect harmony - as they are supposed to do – when your body is sufficiently relaxed and how to relax deeply, so that you are free of all resistance that is created by fear

At the end of the course, you will know how to use your natural instincts for easy, calm and comfortable birthing.


During delivery you will be totally relaxed and at the same time alert, conscious, and totally in control of the situation.


You will be aware of the surges or waves in your body; but as you are  completely relaxed, you will be able to determine how you want to feel these waves.


You will give birth in a calm, relaxed and secure atmosphere.


You will be free from fears and tensions, which prevent the body to function as nature requires.


When you are perfectly calm the endorphins - the natural anesthesia of your body, 200 times as powerful as morphine – will replace the stress hormones, which cause pain.

The program includes the following items :

Philosophy and history of the HypnoNaissance
How does the uterus work?
How does fear affect the labor?
The psycho-physical relationship
The origin of the myth of pain
How to prepare your mind for birthgiving
The role of the of birth companion
Release fear
Prepare your body for childbirth
Deepening techniques and visualization
Preparing for childbirth
When the baby is breech
The due date of childbirth
Avoid artificial induction
The make up a birth plan