Accouchement HypnoNaissance
Accouchement HypnoNaissance  

Who am I ?

Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in the human nature.

How does the human being function?

How can I better understand my own feelings and my actions and those of others?

How can I be useful?

Hypnosis, and in particular the American method of David Quigley's "Alchemical Hypnotherapy" has opened the path. (It changes the lead of emotional debris into the gold of self-realization.)

So I started to work with this method, and I was able to support, to help people, to relieve them from distress and discouragement, so that they regain confidence in themselves, or simply enjoy a moment of well-being.

Today I have specialized in HypnoBirthing® to prepare couples for safe, easy, comfortable, and joyous birthing.